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Feb. 6th 9am – 11am

50% – 60% OFF Stunt School USA Driving Classes

Stunt School USA

Learn to drive like you see in the movies!

Stunt School 101: Includes class and 7 minutes of time behind the wheel. Our classroom instructors will get you a good foundation for understanding stunt driving and the basics of drifting. You’ll put that time to work behind the wheel for 7 minutes and at least 4 attempts at your activity of choice. The classroom time combined with on course time will give you the basic understanding of one of the stunt driving techniques. $199.00 50% OFF Sale Price $99

Stunt School 102: Take everything from the package above more than double your track time to 15 minutes.  You’ll take everything you learned in class and work with your in-car instructor for 15 minutes behind the wheel of one of our specially prepared cars we will work with you to make you proficient at one of our stunt driving activities. $399.00 55% OFF Sale Price $179

Stunt School 103:  A little more time behind the wheel will make you much more confident, with 25 minutes of time behind the wheel you’ll get a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and you should be able to become proficient in one activity.  You can also choose two stunt driving activities and leave with a basic understanding of each.  $599.00 60% OFF Sale Price $239


Reserve your spot and you will also drive a FREE Autocross Lap in an American Muscle Car.

Limited Spots Available. Must book in advance. All bookings done on a first come first serve basis.

For questions or to book by phone please call 855-722-3347

50% OFF Stunt School 101

  • 7 Minutes behind the wheel
  • Understanding of Stunt Driving
  • Basics of Drifting
  • At least 4 attempts at the activity of choice

55% OFF Stunt School 102

  • 15 Minutes behind the wheel
  • Apply everything learned in Stunt School 101
  • Become more proficient at activity of choice

60% OFF Stunt School 103

  • 25 Minutes behind the wheel
  • Apply everything learned in Stunt School 102
  • Become more proficient at activity of choice